Introduction to the Steelhose

Start moving your steelhose today. Our complimentary collection of videos shows how to grip, swing, slam, rotate, lift, and store your steelhose.

General Fitness

Level up your strength with hundreds of hours of Steelhose training. Includes beginner-advanced coached workouts and our signature movement library so you can incorporate your Steelhose into your everyday.

Sports and Lifestyle

Steelhose training to improve performance, reduce injury, and stay active.

FitFighter Live

Live Steelhose workouts with Sarah every Friday at 12pm ET / 9am PT.

FitFighterPro On-Demand Programs

For when dedication is your day job. Our one-time purchase FitFighterPro programs will enable you to start training your athletes, members, and teams today.

The Coaches

Wherever you are in your fitness journey – from total beginner to seasoned pro – we’re here and ready to help you achieve your goals.

Carrie S. Armacost

Carrie S. Armacost, ACE-CPT

  • TPI Level 2
  • Owner, CareFit Personal Training
  • Endurace Sports Athlete
Derith Cass

Derith Cass, CSCS

  • Coach, Fierce by Choice
Geraldine Dry

Geraldine Dry

  • BS, Health Science
  • USAW-SPC Level 1
  • DBC Level 1
  • FMS Level 1
Kate Langinauer

Kate Langinauer

  • MA Psychology
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Health Coach and Fitness Coach
  • Entrepreneur
Dan Lawrence

Dan Lawrence, CSCS, ACE CPT, RKC II

  • Owner, The Readiness Training
  • On Camera Coach - The Daily Burn / MYX Fitness
Jose Mendoza

Jose Mendoza, ACSM-PT

  • Founder, Jam Fit Personal Training
Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison

  • Master Instructor
  • MS Kinesiology
  • USAW and Bioforce Certified
Philip Ritchy

Philip Ritchy

  • Founder, Tops Fitness Management
  • Affiliate owner, Rock Steady Boxing
Alyssa Shoji

Alyssa Shoji, NASM-CPT, CES

  • Former Athlete and Fitness Professional
Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas

  • Champion Chess Boxer
  • Founder, Brawl for a Cause
  • Founder, Fight and Flow
  • Philanthropist